“Forgive. Forget. Move on.” ― Willie Nelson @ SXSW 2021

Monthly playlists. Daily additions. Lacking rhyme and reason. Supplying rhythm. 

Y’all. It’s almost summer again.
H.E.R. “Carried Away” 


              Aurora Supernova Augusto
This is a mix of all that I’m feeling this month. Some clients, some country, some 2006 emo summer day reflections, more to come. Likely more Moby and George Jones - conflicting, sometimes conflicted men - but I’m simultaneously reading both of their memoirs right now. 80/90s New York City raves meet 60/70s Nashville honkytonks = both involve a lot of packed concert venues and endless mentions of the influence of alcohol. But hey, it’s quarantine... everyone’s drinking, right? Me personally, I’m taking a break from my Mr. Jones days and hanging on the other end of the bar with Mobes.