“Forgive. Forget. Move on.” ― Willie Nelson @ SXSW 2021

Monthly playlists. Daily additions. Lacking rhyme and reason. Supplying rhythm. 

Y’all. It’s almost summer again.
H.E.R. “Carried Away” 


              Dandelion in the Country
Springtime 2021. We’re all trying to get the vaccine. Flowers are in bloom. Maybe it’s snowing. It’s still 40 degrees somedaze in LA. But the sun is shining. We have an extra hour of sunlight with daylight savings. We’re all ready to get outside. It’s time to jump in the truck (or prius) and venture to the unknown (but with a mask). Time for country jams and hope towards a better summer this year. Here’s some newbies and some oldies. It’s always a mix. And y’all know this cowboy loves some country.